The name of this table collection refers to the conical shape of the concrete base. These are cast in fibre-reinforced Ductal®, concrete with matching 120 or 160 cm round tops, and 250 or 320 cm elliptic table tops. Since this year, a new squircle version is available too. The concrete surfaces are polished and treated to make them less porous.

There is also the option to combine the bases with ceramic tops in an array of colours textures and shapes. These tables, though very charismatic, are like chameleons and will match perfectly with any chair, in any style, material or colour you put around them.

Our wide range of tabletops, in 6 different shapes and sizes, and different materials, now also come with tapered legs in Conix style. And if all that wasn’t enough, the Conix table bases come in 4 different heights as well, ranging from 30 cm ‘low lounge’, 45 Cm ‘high lounge’, 67 cm ‘low dining’, to 75 cm ’high dining’. So, for every moment of the day, from your morning tea to a fancy low seated lunch, some cocktails with friends by the pool, having some tapas late afternoon, or more formal dinner in the evening; there is always the right height, size, and shape of Conix table to match that occasion.